World Without Wars (www)

World Without Wars (www)

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World without Wars

Many years ago,
It was the rising Sun what we saw
And blue birds were singing there
We felt the smell of life in the air
But the war came so suddenly
It doesn’t matter who's right, who's wrong
Is this hell or is this bad destiny?
Many tears for much too long
Look into children’s eyes
There’s no more shine of life
the Sun was killed, the sky must bleed
oh, God, stop it – we want to live !

We’ll just be another helpless
falling star in the sky
It doesn’t matter
who has to die
It doesn’t matter
who has to cry
We’ll just be another sad story
in the world’s history
but all we want
the Sun in the sky to shine
all we want is
to be free, to be alive

Now we can see, but it’s too late
“death” is the name of this game
many wounded hearts won’t be able to heal
who can forget, who can forgive
The pain is hard to feel,
you always get what you give
So in the war we mustn’t believe
we’re still human – born to live !
... We need a world without war
The children need to live in love
We wanna live without the pain
to see the stars, the sun, the rain ...

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Protiválečná píseň....vždy aktuální ,a bude...Vlastní výroba , text a hudba, DEMO verze ,tedy rychlá ukázková nahrávka na domácím PC. Volná pro zájemce zpěvu anglických písniček...

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24. 10. 2016
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