The truth

The truth

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The truth

What's the dawn without you?
Another day in empty space.
I don't know what I've got to do
I cannot live with the memories
I remember days with you
I was a man who wanted to play.
That's why I never said the truth
But now believe in what I say

I know it's not your fault
I have been so blind to see
that everything I dream about
is losing sense if you're not with me
Every way I choose
there is only you in my head.
Did I really have to lose
someone I will never find again?

With the last summer's day
like a swallow you flew away
Now in every star in the sky
I still see the shine of your smile
It seems wisdom is my enemy
'cause God repeats my destiny
And every time you leave me I see
How much you mean to me...

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24. 10. 2016
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