I am Crazy (about you)

I am Crazy (about you)

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I am Crazy (about you)

Darkness around me but I know this street
Thunder in my heart , but I hear the sound of my feet
Searching for excuse, looking for the words ,I want to knock on your door
But, something says to me: “Would she want you anymore”

Chorus 1:
I am crazy
I don’t know why I’m here again
Maybe you love another man
Drink is gonna kill me,
but I promised myself to be strong
Can you imagine my pain while I’m singing this song?

Dawn in my bed , I miss your hand
Phone by my head is gonna drive me mad
Every time I hear your voice, I can feel like you are still here
And then I start again to hope and believe

Chorus 2:
Oh , I’m crazy
I don’t know why I call again
Maybe you love another man
Drink is gonna ki

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