Fatal mistake

Fatal mistake

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“Stay with me “ you said and started to cry
A few tears fell down from your eye
For the first time I could see
the storm of feelings comes to me
I’ve never wanted to end it this way
You deserve more than I can give, so I say
“I part away”

I thought you needed me like lovers do
I couldn’t imagine that I meant much more to you
Watching your eyes, I start to feel the fear
Leaving you now, I’m leaving my heart here
Life goes on, slowly, day by day
I miss you more than words can say
If I ever see you
In my eyes you’d see that it is true
Once upon a time I could touch the sky
I had someone who would take me so high
But I said goodbye


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Vlastní výroba , text a hudba, DEMO verze ,tedy rychlá ukázková nahrávka na domácím PC. Volná pro zájemce zpěvu anglických písniček...

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24. 10. 2016
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